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Welcome kit

Actions created by Local Administration for new settlements:
  • Deliberation of the Municipal Council, June 2016 (in force until December 2017), aimed to support settlements of new companies.
  • Permits released in due time: all authorizations are proceeded by Suap, the answering time will be fixed at 60 days within which the Local Administration will guarantee to release building permits for all building procedures concerning Manufacturing Zone Restart (This will involve other Entities as ASL/Public Local Health Service, ARPAE/ Prevention Environment Energy Regional Agency, Archaeological Authority, to whom Suap represent the connecting point).
  • Identification of an Administration Tutor, to support and connect companies as regard as bureaucratic and connection issues: having as fundamental point the authority of the Economic development Service, managing the Suap, with the administrative act n. 1 of 07.03.2016 by the Head of Urban Development Planning and Management, among the Urban development planning, Private building and Environment Service has been identified as tutor the Surveyor Mr Gabriele Brusa, technical officer for building procedures regarding the industrial area, in order to connect with the Suap for building permits of the non residential building.
  • Mr Brusa acts under the supervision of Mr Fulvio Bartoli, Engineer and procedure supervisor available to give preventive assistance to specialists having in charge industrial estates interested in economic/building actions in the Manufacturing Zone Restart.
  • The technical support of preventive assistance offered by the “welcome kit” will include a correct information and an orientation towards functional categories and most convenient building actions as regards planning fees.
  • Discussion with the Regional Authority on the issue of “Reuse of industrial buildings” to evaluate subsidies or funds (in the interest of the entire industrial area of Imola).
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